Love Tactics

Love life has been one of the greatest sources of happiness in human civilization; a good life partner is always the better half that makes life worth living. In search of love we have been constantly haunted by these doubts and questions: What will my future partner look like? When will he/she appear? Will he/she be a lot older than I am? Will he/she come from another culture?

We dream of our ideal Mr. and Miss Right, and they often remain in our dreams. Reality usually disappoints us by presenting someone entirely imaginable. In fact, we have been assigned a particular kind of people as our life partners when we were born. The Chinese astrological system Ziwei Doushu can reveal the time of our encounter with 'the one' and the quality of the relationship accurately. This site provides readings of your personality, the characteristics of your life partners, as well as the beach-blossom index - which determines the chances of meeting your life partners at different moments of your life.  The classical Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu said: 'Know thyself, know thy enemy; a thousand battles, a thousand victories.' This site will assist you along the way to love by enhancing your understanding of yourself and your destined life partner and providing the best strategies accordingly for creating harmony and happiness.